Soulful Eyes



Soulful Eyes

Despite enduring the battles of life, and my physical form fading away,
I am still young at heart behind these soulful eyes, as I sit back and observe each new day.

I no longer see families eating together, meals are a quick grab on the fly.
I see closer ties to those smart phones than to the one next to you, an observation that makes me want to cry.

I see #DoThis instead of lending an hand, and virtual worlds becoming more important than what’s real.
I find conversation too rare and opinions too common. Everyone claims the right to tell you just how they feel.

I see a famine of courtesy, and a glutton of egos, all trying to dictate how to be
At the end of each day, what we are all left with in life, is a special way of finding how to be “me”.

How many times a tear forms in my eyes, seeing a child alone in their play.
While so many find time to rant and rave online, I think there are more important ways to spend each of our days.

As we tend to the sick in their search for their health, have we forgotten the healing powers of a touch?
It’s not more money or contrasts that will help soothe their pain, it that’s they simply need our hand in their clutch.

I am still young at heart behind these soulful eyes, but so few would know that every day.
For they stare at their smart phone and never look up to make eye contact as they go on their way.




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Are you searching for someone you know must exist?
Or are you searching for hope that they do?
Do you appreciate the good qualities in each of us now,
or stay focused on the pefect person for you?

For so many claim loneliness, yet when you inquire a bit
the answers to the reason are plain.
The standards many set are not achievable in this life
so the belief they’ll be met border insane.

Is it looks or conversation, a good heart or an ego?
Which aspect drives you to seek a compatible mate?
For whichever it is, true satisfaction we know
Only comes when you find that person with whom you can relate.

Sometimes life’s destination does not come with a sign.
So there is no way of knowing when “you are there”.
In the seach for life’s happiness perhaps it’s wise to refine
those traits down to those we must have? That seems fair.

We keep on looking for answers without knowing the questions.
And we seek someone to make us happy though they can’t.
And we ignore all our needs in a moment of true confession
but stand ever so fast to all our wants.

In the end of day, if there are two souls together.
And no matter what else they are no longer alone.
A warm house with food water, laughter, despite the coldest of weather.
Is all it takes to make that house a warm, loving home.

Sure “must be fit, great looking, must not smoke” are all fine
if you are buying a meal or coat at a store
But in all these conditions do you end up simply denying
yourself someone who could help you achieve more?

If it’s love that you seek, then give love a true chance.
Don’t list the physical factors you must find.
For when love truly happens it ignores everything you must have,
and places that one person in the center of your mind.

Despite the claims of “need daily passion”, let’s be real to each other.
Conversation and closeness trump it all.
So when touting the things we won’t do, why bother?
Let the cosmos and fate decide who will call.

Loneliness and alone are far different states of being.
And loneliness is what we are all hoping to fix.
So if you feel how I feel and see what I’m seeing…
There’s more to this than just “dudes” and just “chicks”.

Baring souls to be vulnerable and finding a soul in their eyes
is the real target at a heart aiming at another.
In the ultimate goal of lonely gals and guys
Is acceptance. Not wealth nor new lover.

So forget what you know, and those storied fairy tales.
No damsel nor white knight lies out there searching for you.
We are all hexed frogs trying to undo our lives’ fails.
A hex one kiss may not be powerful enough to undo.

But by banding together, being kind and steadfast,
we might prevail to find a much better place.
After all, can we truly profess to want a much better world,
If we stick to cowering in shadows of the rat race.

Take a chance on acceptance from the most unusual soul.
Be open to becoming their acceptance light.
For we are all just a candle in a very dark world.
You may not think you can be the difference but you might.

it just takes a moment to change another soul’s course.
And in return you may just change your own.
If we all take the time to accept one another.
I daresay we will never again be alone.

Sense of loss


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Sense of loss

As I grow older, I learn how life recedes
But that’s not the part of aging that bothers me.
With each passing day I lose a bit from each sense.
The price of aging comes at great expense.

My vision was the first sense devalued to me
And afterwards now I adore what I see.
Now glasses and bright lighting aid me in my sight.
Still I see through to my heart and that’s to my delight.

My hearing followed suit, the next sense to go.
A quiet world surrounds me, not one that I know.
Bells ding, birds chirp, but at a distance to me.
When a car honks it’s horn, is it coming at me?

Tastes have changed too, but less dramatically.
I must watch what I eat, or it comes back haunting me.
Not too spicy or greasy. Nor too late in my day.
I can enjoy what I eat, in a watchful moderate way.

As to smells? I can state with conviction and glee,
that this sense is still hanging on despite an older version of me.
Though now I must place my nose closer to each blossom.
But if a foul odor waifs by, it really isn’t a problem.

Touch is another sense fading daily..
And yet touched by another is most precious to me.
I cherish a hug, holding hands, and each kiss.
that’s the part of getting older that I seem to most miss.

Friendships are not immune to this loss as I age.
While I have been spared some friends suffer death’s rage.
And claimed and taken far away from me now.
In time I will follow, Not sure when. Not sure how.

The final part of aging that I relate to today.
Is the way my heart has grown despite my body’s decay.
Each love that I lost left warm embers inside.
To love and to lose beats never having tried.

So the older I grow, the wiser I seem.
Some day I expire to that forever nap’s dream.
And these thoughts that you find, will that matter to you?
If you cherish your senses, I certainly hope that they do.

Po-time-to Salad Machine


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Po-time-to Salad Machine

Unheralded time flows slowly downstream
My journey is well on it’s way.
At 58 years, so much has happened to me.
But a funny thing happened today.

A potato salad from the store ended up in my cart.
I brought it home with me for a meal.
And from the first taste I was swept back in time.
The experience was very surreal.

I could smell the pine forest and feel the warm sun.
And hear buzzing from bugs flying by.
And the taste of that salad from my mom’s loving hands.
For a moment I thought I might cry.

I can picture the paper plate filled to the edges,
Potato salad, chips, deviled eggs,
A burnt hot dog in a bun (oh I loved them that way!)
And yellow mustard dripping onto my leg

Soggy swimsuit and tee shirt and wet sneakers I say
And “scarfed” down the food on my plate.
At that moment of youth I was locked in that moment.
Unbeknownst that wisdom was coming too late.

With the last bite of that morsel, I was back to the present
A man 58 years old and alone.
Still for one fleeting moment I was there with my parents
and we were packing everything up to come home.

When I was young, my attention turned to tomorrow.
Now as a man I find I look backwards far more.
To help me on my quest, I wlll once more buy the best
Po-Time-to Salad Machine from the store.

Got off that plane


Got Off That Plane

Heart is beating, ever faster. She is coming, heart-felt laughter.
Nothing’s going to be the same, heartborn embers burst to flame.
In the sky the clouds float by, touch of rain in one big sigh.
Nature sobs a bit with me, let her go and now she’s free.

Android says she’s touching down. Feel my heart begin to pound.
Ever since we parted ways, I’d been praying for this day.
There’s the message, she’s arrived. Fears and worries instantly die.
She is walking out to me, the prettiest angel I ever did see.

She got off that plane and now I’m flying.  Took to flight without even trying.
All it took was that first kiss, my feet were airborne. Look at this!
A man who’s always kept a level head’s been swept away does it need said?
That gorgeous angel got off that plane, now nothing’s going to be the same.

All that summer she just thrilled me, every time that gal got near me.
Day to night she colored my world. I was proud to love that girl.
But summer swept right into fall. Her time was up then, after all.
The precious life she infused in me, was about to sunset painfully.

In desperation to stay her man, I bent my knee and took her hand,
And poured my heart out to that lady. She looked at me like I was crazy.
I asked her to stay and be my wife. To paint her colors in my life.
To urge my heart to beat ever faster. To give me a chance at ever after.

She paused and turned, her path was clear. She could not stay shouted my fear.
Softly whispering “I can’t my love”,  she stammered and then hurried off.
The last night together I held her close. Each painful second became worse and worse.
My diamond ring snug in its case, I held it out before her face.
And as she boarded that plane, I cried. The love we shared she just denied.

But wait… I think, she’s crying too. Dumbfounded I don’t know what to do.
She disappeared out of my sight. She’s coming back, I prayed I was right.
There could be nobody else for me, she fit my world so comfortably.
Despite wishing her the best in life, I believed with my all that meant my wife….

She got off that plane and rushed to me. I hugged her tight for all to see.
We kissed forever so it seemed. That angel, she came back to me.
I rushed her off to wed that day, I could not let that angel get away.
Every day since I thank God above, for giving me that Angel’s love.

She got off that plane and now I’m flying.  Took to flight without even trying.
All it took was that first kiss, my feet were airbore. Look at this!
A man who’s always kept a level head’s been swept away does it need said?
That gorgeous angel got off that plane, now nothing’s going to be the same.

The Magic of Christmas

The Magic of Christmas

That magic of Christmas, the song in my soul
A sip of the eggnog, the infamous lump of coal
The caroling singers, the snow white and fallen
The traveling plans and the long distance calling

But that doesn’t explain why I smile inside
Or why the good feelings in my life open wide
It’s not all the presents I receive or have given
It’s not the high road of the life I am living

For a few weeks each year we all pause in our place,
The rats and the humans, we take a break from our race
And we cherish all friendships, I pray that never ends
For the magic of Christmas in part, are our friends

For a season each year, it’s okay to be “pals”
From the office crew parties, and the past wedding vows
From the kids to the parents to the whole family tree,
For the magic of Christmas in part, is our family

For a moment we cherish peace above fighting it seems
And the hope for no wars becomes a goal, not a dream
For the defenders of peace put down their guns on that day
For the magic of Christmas is peace on earth, someway.

It’s not about shopping or the material goods
It’s not about metals or plastics or woods
For the magic of Christmas is not found on a shelf
The true magic of Christmas is giving of one’s own self

So the magic of Christmas, like God’s own recipe
Includes friends and peace, giving one’s self and family
Seems to me we are talking about God sharing His Son
That’s the magic of Christmas, and that magic has come!

See Beyond This Moment


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See Beyond the Moment

As you see beyond this moment, see beyond this day,
see beyond the challenges that lie along your way.
As you see beyond the feeling that nothing can stop you now.
Accept that it will happen, accept graciously and bow.

The strength is not in being right, there’s no blame in being wrong
What you have is much too precious, share the journey and grow strong
We are fans of what you do on the court, but what you share now keep.
Give your all in the moment on the court.  But when nightfall comes, you sleep.

Take every opportunity. Preserve the love you own.
Share it with your family friends and children. Let it fill every room of your home.
Happiness is expectations. Never set the bar too high.
Always ask “where is this taking us?”, never whine and ask each other “why?”

A city awaits a championship, and you have answered the call.
But a more precious trophy is your love, the greatest gift of all.
Forget the worries of the world. Life will carry you on your way
As you see beyond this moment, see beyond this day.

Father’s Day Oath • Be A Man


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As my father has taught me, I would like to pass on some of the rules to follow as a man that will earn you respect, loyalty, and happiness. Happy Father’s Day!

I. Anger, sadness, fear and humility are private moments. Keep them private.

II. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

III. Stand by your friends.

IV. Love should be the first and last emotion of your day.

V. It’s okay to sit on the end of a log when you don’t know the way.

VI. God comes first. Always. Everytime.

VII. Learn to trust. Learn to trust yourself first.

VIII. Dare to achieve, but accept failure as the shadow to success.

IX. Don’t try to “earn” love or friendships. Be true to yourself and love and friendships will find you.

X. Fairness applies to ALL persons, not just to the persons you do like or do not like.

XI. Do not delight in the misfortunes of others. Sympathize in their loss.

XII. Do not show contempt at the fortunes of others. Celebrate their joy.

XIII. Share from your surplus. But when you see someone in need, share from what you have.

XIV. Help the downtrodden, it may be you someday.

XV. Pray at all occasions, but pray just to talk to God.

XVI. You are responsible for your happiness. You owe it to yourself to do things that you will enjoy

XVII. You are responsible for your sadness. Do not hold it back nor hold it in. Find a private place, experience the sadness for the moment. Then move on.

XVIII. The one who loves you will turn to you for strength. The greatest strength is admitting fear and then doing it anyways.

XIX. Don’t fear passion, express it.

XX. Hope, courage, joy, and leadership are public moments. Share with your
friends and colleagues.

XXI. Save the most tender moments for the most tender moments.

XXII. Accept that you do not know everything, be willing to learn something new each day.

XXIII. With age comes wisdom. To wisdom is due respect. Respect your elders is an honor of their wisdom. Use it. Their experience was paid for as preciously as your own.

XXIV. Don’t wait until tomorrow. If you think of something that needs done or said do it today! Fill your day with everything you can think of until you are exhausted. Then smile at all you have accomplished.

XXV. Never make a promise lightly. Your word is the most valuable asset. Guard it as though it is.

City-Styled Country Heart


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City-Styled Country Heart

Had my fill of the ladies who all thought I was crazy but we never had debated what I wanted from them
Although lovers soft and sweet could be an incredible treat that couldn’t make me complete, I was not other men
So I started a thinking… and in a blur she was a winking…and I put down my drink and figured I’d play.
Never once did her eyes break from mine, and they told me “get on over here, I think you’re just fine” through a crowded bar’s dance floor I found my way

Blue jeans halter country smile lawd I didn’t even know such a vision could exist.
Hazel eyed lady driving me crazy, in an instant I was smitten and I was falling much too fast.
Couldn’t get my words out all the while my soul shouted “love her squeeze her man you know you need her!”as I just stood there and smiled.
Taking my hand as though we had someplace urgent to go she led me me to the dance floor and we danced there a while.

but the slow dancing lady who was driving me crazy didn’t feel like a stranger, no sir, something more.
As she melted into me, we danced so naturally, it’s as though our feet had done this a thousand times before.
and so I bent down just to kiss her, and my eager mouth just missed her mouth and gently kissed her cheek.
And I tasted a tear and asked her, what the hell was the matter and she gave me her answer and it made my knees week.

I live in the city and the boys think I’m pretty but there’s nobody there who makes me feel like you do.
I think I’m falling too fast, but it’s like you came from my past, I know this all sounds foolish but I swear it’s all true.
Tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving, and even if you don’t believe me, I think this is really love and I can’t face being apart.
So hold me all the closer, let me be your lover, and even for just one night love my city styled country heart.

Like a bullet going through me, this lady somehow knew me, and I never had a chance and I joined her in that cry.
And while others stared and watched us, we didn’t put up no fuss, and danced that evening away but it happened in the blink of an eye.
I headed to her hotel, and put that angel’s body through hell and we took each other places that we didn’t know existed.
In the morning when the sun rose We both knew how these things go and she dressed and got her things and in the doorway we kissed.

I live in the city and the boys think I’m pretty but there’s nobody there who makes me feel like you do.
I think I’m falling too fast, but it’s like you came from my past, I know this all sounds foolish but I swear it’s all true.
Now it’s morning I’ll be leaving, and even if you don’t believe me, I think this is really love and I can’t face being apart.
So hold me all the closer, let me be your lover, and thank you for our one night from my city styled country heart.

Then she turned and I finally saw her, this Gucci toting long hair brunette beauty I had searched for my entire life.
And something roared up deep inside me, I needed her beside me and I raced into the hallway and begged her to be my wife.
She stood there for an instant, then her knees grew weak and we spent the next hour kissing hugging on the floor in that hotel.
And she finally got round to it, told me “Boy, why yes. I’ll do it” , so I picked her up and carried her seven blocks to the chapel.

I live in the city and the boys think I’m pretty but there’s nobody there who makes me feel like you do.
I think I’m falling too fast, but it’s like you came from my past, I know this all sounds foolish but I swear it’s all true.
Now we’re married, I’m not leaving, and even if you don’t believe me, I think this is really love and I can’t face being apart.
So hold me all the closer, let me be your lover, and thank you for asking for my hand, you get my city styled country heart.

It’s now so many years later, and I have never found life greater, it went from black and white to color in everything that she does.
Do we argue? Oh hell yes, we do. But in the end I know her heart’s true, and we always kiss goodnight, it’s her rule and I don’t fuss.
And we find new ways to love each other, She’s my best friend, she’s my lover, she’s the world’s best conversation. And she’s mine and let’s me know it.
In the end the search is over, found my partner found my lover, and for each thing on my bucket list, she still keeps convincing me to do it. .

Now we both live in the city and the boys still thinks she’s pretty but there’s nobody there who makes her feel like I do.
We fell in love awfully fast, but it’s like we shared each other’s past, and we know this all sounds foolish but we swear that it’s all true.
Now we’re married, she’s not leaving, and even if you don’t believe me, we know this is really love and we can’t face being apart.
So each night we hug each other closer, we are equals, friends and lovers, she’s my gem-gal, I’m her bad boy , but we share one city styled country heart.

Busy Signal


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Busy signal

It would only take a moment
Of your time, dear sons of mine.
To pick up that phone and tell your dad
Hello Dad, I am fine.

But you always seem too busy,
And sometimes you’re just not there.
Your mother says you’ve got no time
My fears say you just don’t care.

It may be I’m not forgiven and
The history you’ve read
Left me wanting for most virtues,
Hell, your grandma even wants me dead.

But it would only take a moment
Of your time, dear sons of mine.
To pick up the phone and tell your father
Hello Dad, I am fine.

Yes the days grow out of hours, and the months grow out of days
And I listen for that phone to ring, and I practice what I’ll say.
But your mother makes excuses, you have friends and “after schools”
And I’m punished in this silence though I’ve not broken a rule.

It would only take a moment
For me to share the doctor’s news
That I’m dying of this cancer, and there’s nothing he can do.
And that seems to be contagious, nothing I try works as well
Hope the phone works up in heaven, there’s so much I have to tell.

It would only have taken one moment
But you had none left to spare for me
Seems it all went to your mom and friends
Or you didn’t want to spend time with me.

Yes after all the excuses, I am gone and you are here
I’m in heaven in His Presence and I’m given to His Care.
And there was so much left to tell you, but I never got that chance.
No matter how many can’s I sent to you, seems you always found one more I can’ts.