City-Styled Country Heart


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City-Styled Country Heart

Had my fill of the ladies who all thought I was crazy but we never had debated what I wanted from them
Although lovers soft and sweet could be an incredible treat that couldn’t make me complete, I was not other men
So I started a thinking… and in a blur she was a winking…and I put down my drink and figured I’d play.
Never once did her eyes break from mine, and they told me “get on over here, I think you’re just fine” through a crowded bar’s dance floor I found my way

Blue jeans halter country smile lawd I didn’t even know such a vision could exist.
Hazel eyed lady driving me crazy, in an instant I was smitten and I was falling much too fast.
Couldn’t get my words out all the while my soul shouted “love her squeeze her man you know you need her!”as I just stood there and smiled.
Taking my hand as though we had someplace urgent to go she led me me to the dance floor and we danced there a while.

but the slow dancing lady who was driving me crazy didn’t feel like a stranger, no sir, something more.
As she melted into me, we danced so naturally, it’s as though our feet had done this a thousand times before.
and so I bent down just to kiss her, and my eager mouth just missed her mouth and gently kissed her cheek.
And I tasted a tear and asked her, what the hell was the matter and she gave me her answer and it made my knees week.

I live in the city and the boys think I’m pretty but there’s nobody there who makes me feel like you do.
I think I’m falling too fast, but it’s like you came from my past, I know this all sounds foolish but I swear it’s all true.
Tomorrow morning I’ll be leaving, and even if you don’t believe me, I think this is really love and I can’t face being apart.
So hold me all the closer, let me be your lover, and even for just one night love my city styled country heart.

Like a bullet going through me, this lady somehow knew me, and I never had a chance and I joined her in that cry.
And while others stared and watched us, we didn’t put up no fuss, and danced that evening away but it happened in the blink of an eye.
I headed to her hotel, and put that angel’s body through hell and we took each other places that we didn’t know existed.
In the morning when the sun rose We both knew how these things go and she dressed and got her things and in the doorway we kissed.

I live in the city and the boys think I’m pretty but there’s nobody there who makes me feel like you do.
I think I’m falling too fast, but it’s like you came from my past, I know this all sounds foolish but I swear it’s all true.
Now it’s morning I’ll be leaving, and even if you don’t believe me, I think this is really love and I can’t face being apart.
So hold me all the closer, let me be your lover, and thank you for our one night from my city styled country heart.

Then she turned and I finally saw her, this Gucci toting long hair brunette beauty I had searched for my entire life.
And something roared up deep inside me, I needed her beside me and I raced into the hallway and begged her to be my wife.
She stood there for an instant, then her knees grew weak and we spent the next hour kissing hugging on the floor in that hotel.
And she finally got round to it, told me “Boy, why yes. I’ll do it” , so I picked her up and carried her seven blocks to the chapel.

I live in the city and the boys think I’m pretty but there’s nobody there who makes me feel like you do.
I think I’m falling too fast, but it’s like you came from my past, I know this all sounds foolish but I swear it’s all true.
Now we’re married, I’m not leaving, and even if you don’t believe me, I think this is really love and I can’t face being apart.
So hold me all the closer, let me be your lover, and thank you for asking for my hand, you get my city styled country heart.

It’s now so many years later, and I have never found life greater, it went from black and white to color in everything that she does.
Do we argue? Oh hell yes, we do. But in the end I know her heart’s true, and we always kiss goodnight, it’s her rule and I don’t fuss.
And we find new ways to love each other, She’s my best friend, she’s my lover, she’s the world’s best conversation. And she’s mine and let’s me know it.
In the end the search is over, found my partner found my lover, and for each thing on my bucket list, she still keeps convincing me to do it. .

Now we both live in the city and the boys still thinks she’s pretty but there’s nobody there who makes her feel like I do.
We fell in love awfully fast, but it’s like we shared each other’s past, and we know this all sounds foolish but we swear that it’s all true.
Now we’re married, she’s not leaving, and even if you don’t believe me, we know this is really love and we can’t face being apart.
So each night we hug each other closer, we are equals, friends and lovers, she’s my gem-gal, I’m her bad boy , but we share one city styled country heart.

Busy Signal


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Busy signal

It would only take a moment
Of your time, dear sons of mine.
To pick up that phone and tell your dad
Hello Dad, I am fine.

But you always seem too busy,
And sometimes you’re just not there.
Your mother says you’ve got no time
My fears say you just don’t care.

It may be I’m not forgiven and
The history you’ve read
Left me wanting for most virtues,
Hell, your grandma even wants me dead.

But it would only take a moment
Of your time, dear sons of mine.
To pick up the phone and tell your father
Hello Dad, I am fine.

Yes the days grow out of hours, and the months grow out of days
And I listen for that phone to ring, and I practice what I’ll say.
But your mother makes excuses, you have friends and “after schools”
And I’m punished in this silence though I’ve not broken a rule.

It would only take a moment
For me to share the doctor’s news
That I’m dying of this cancer, and there’s nothing he can do.
And that seems to be contagious, nothing I try works as well
Hope the phone works up in heaven, there’s so much I have to tell.

It would only have taken one moment
But you had none left to spare for me
Seems it all went to your mom and friends
Or you didn’t want to spend time with me.

Yes after all the excuses, I am gone and you are here
I’m in heaven in His Presence and I’m given to His Care.
And there was so much left to tell you, but I never got that chance.
No matter how many can’s I sent to you, seems you always found one more I can’ts.

Descending the Alcan


Descend The Alcan

There’s  a road seldom traveled, a trail long ignored.
A way to get from here to there which never leaves you bored.
It’s a road to ascend to the North lands, or descend to the 48.
It’s the Blessed treacherous Alcan, and its lore became my fate.

If you ever want to test resolve, that’s just what this road can do.
For when something goes wrong my friend, the fix is up to you.
There is no convenient stores or shops to find treasures along the way
It’s just a test of survival if you dare to go this way.

The Alaska Highway is a winding stretch of road over hill and dale,
1486 miles to be exact, if you don’t watch it you can fail.
From Alaska, to Yukon, to British Columbia, the highway does not end.
And when you get to Alaska, turn around and go again.

From Delta Junction to Dawson Creek, the road goes on and on
Don’t search for radio music playing, there are none to sing along.
Don’t travel it at breakneck speed, if you do you missed the point.
Take your time and see the sights, they will never disappoint.

The monument at the starting point of the Alaska Highway

Pick up the road you’re heading north, to where the angels fly.
You’ll see them in the starry night when the northern lights fill the sky
Pack your lunch your clothes your tools and all you need to drive with care.
You’ll be glad you did if you need on your way to get you there.

So Hard to Write


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It’s Hard to Right

It’s hard to write when things are right,
when emotions are not wrapped up tight.
When I am calm and life is full.
It’s hard to right when things are cool.

It’s hard to burst apart in words,
when songbirds and laughter are all I’ve heard.
when a warm kiss awaits my return home.
It’s hard to right when I do not feel alone.

It’s hard to reach down deep inside
As smiles replace the tears I’ve cried.
When everything seems to be going my way.
It’s hard to write nothing to say

It’s hard to right the many wrongs
we mask in lyrics to our songs
or weave among the poem’s verse.
It’s hard to right things that could get worse.

My Soul’s Unrest



a wind

My Soul’s Unrest

The wind is blowing every day, but no longer do I mind it.
I think happiness is lost to me and I hope someday to find it.
I form emotions from the TV strings that jerk my heart around.
Though it’s a quiet room I write this in, I’m hearing every sound.

We were born to this planet naked, but we are shamed to wearing clothes.
We believe we are personally the best there is, and want no part of those.
We talk about inequality, but we want everything for ourselves.
And collecting all the world’s luxuries, we place them on our shelf.

We each only need a little bit, but we gather more and more.
And point to the power of the government to make us share all with the poor.
We love to tell other’s what to do what we would oppose ourselves.
And collecting all the world’s luxuries, we place them on our shelf.

Have we each made a single difference, or is #letsfixthis our sole contribution.
Have we blamed the government for that, when we are the real solution.
Have we become too bothered by the community where we live?
Has gathering more and more evolved to where we have nothing left to give?

Freedom is just another word for nothing left to lose.
But should we barter freedom, what will be our next excuse?
We treat precious life so casually, and then squander it away.
Believing we need rulers to fix our world and let us play all day.

Trash upon the ground over there, do you bend to pick it up?
Don’t worry who had tossed it there. Too many blame enough.
If you see a homeless person, have you stopped to lend a hand?
Or does the thought of you as homeless force you to take a tougher stand?

We all have fears and hopes and loves, and this is my soul’s unrest.
We are so focused on what all others do, we never do our best.
In a land of “see me love me praise me!”, we all believe a fix is near.
so few of us roll up our sleeves, far too few I fear.

The wind is blowing every day, but no longer do I mind it.
I think the world’s hope is getting far away, and I’ll be happy if we find it.
We need each other to fix this world, but we’d rather hate and keep our space.
Love is what is needed most, but it’s not the right time or place.

The wind is blowing every day, but no longer do I mind it.
I think happiness is lost to me and I hope someday to find it.
We’ve created space division distrust, so we can have our space.
Love would cure our souls’ unrest, but it’s not the right time or place.

The Rocks We Carry

rock and flower

The Rocks We Carry

Whenever we are hurt inside
We face a choice to make.
Do we grow a flower in the spot.
Or find a rock to take?

The flowers that we pick are light,
The rocks weigh far far more.
The flowers’ fragrance gives us delight
what good is that rock for?

If we face hurts hurled our way,
We want that rock to throw.
But if we chose the flower instead.
A new blossom simply grows.

Perhaps the blooms are not your thing
but rocks are surely not mine.
At the end of life’s journey, I will have many blooms.
While you’ve carried those rocks all this time.

I Live In A Colorless World



a handshake

I Live In a Colorless World

I live in a colorless world,
my friends are neither black or white.
They are friends or they aren’t, and that’s all that they are.
And for us we think we’ve gotten it right.

I live in a colorless world.
Where we focus on poverty instead.
We don’t cite those statistics that define us by race.
We don’t go where the racists have led.

I live in a colorless world.
Where you are an equal to me.
And we succeed or we fail on our own merits and strengths,
and we believe that this is how our world should be.

I live in a colorless world.
But there are reasons why so few do the same.
For the failures and challeges we might face in our lives.
We have nobody but ourselves left to blame.

I live in a colorless world.
And there is nobody here I can hate.
We all appear to my senses to be just like the others,
only our minds differ, which is great for debate.

I live in a colorless world
And its so easy for you to join me here too.
Replace black or white with “colorless” in each news article you read.
It’s simple.  But we still number so few.

I live in a colorless world.
It’s the world we were born to you see.
All the differences we learned are just skin deep after all.
We are still all one humanity.

I live in a colorless world.
For what is the color of my soul?
I prefer to see similarities than differences in my fellow man.
And, my brethren, that should be all our goal.


boss door


Justification occurs when you choose what you do,
Rationalization because you have selected a fool.
Believing a liar will give honesty someday.
and walk toward the abhorrent, and embrace the decay.

Defining yourself as the anti of that,
which you fought to abolish, where’s the logic of that?
In a conflict, the rules are all we have left to display.
you walk toward the abhorrent and embrace the decay.

We’ve heard plenty who admit they fear what the other might do.
While staying blind to the fact that its what their own did so too
It’s a two way road with a one way sign.
I can criticize yours, but don’t criticize mine.

And so we march forward on the path of destruction.
We say we seek truth, but we’re it’s largest obstruction.
We forgive those who say they will do what we ask.
But they have not told the truth, no matter what the task.

You have the right to elect who you will,
At the end of the day we will all take the spill.
You can dictate the terms, you can reset the rules,
you can follow so blindly, but we are not all fools.

I want to be governed, you want to be ruled.
I want to debate, and you want to be told.
I want to have my say, you’d rather I’m quiet.
I want to be equal, you want to deny it.

It’s the history of this time that we are rewriting each day.
By the ones we elect to restate what we say.
Freedom is being sold for a vote and a queen.
We should have waited until we had one not so mean.

For Dreams You’ve Returned




For the dreams you’ve returned, for my dark places you’ve lit,
For our journey’s begun and resolutions not quit,
For rabbits out of hats and for a passionate kiss,
five years spent together, with someone I can’t resist.

For the muse to my writing, to the song in my heart.
took me 50 years to find you, too long to be apart.
for the future to come, and the laughter we share
for reminding me love will always be there.

For a world you are improving, for the kindness you show,
For the stories you tell, and the sweet charity you know.
For the one who gives so much in all that you do.
I’m the one who will gladly, try to give it all back to you.

For the times I let you down, I will get up again.
I will keep trying til we solve it, though sometimes I have no idea when,
It’s the struggle that makes this worthwhile don’t you see?
At the crest of the mountain. There is you, and there’s me.

For the times we’re exhausted, and we fall into sleep.
For the night filled with closeness and the peace oh so deep.
For that smile each morning as the coffee is brewing.
You have things right on track, keep on doing what you’re doing!

From the man who loves praises, to the woman of action.
Please accept this poem as a gift, to your day’s satisfaction.
Finding someone so special is so rare and unique.
But you make it seem easy, it’s your special technique.

56 Reasons To Live


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56 Reasons To Live

At 56 I realized
Someday I won’t be alive
and with no thoughts within my brain
No part of me will even remain

And so the words I write must be
the essence that is part of me
so I must write so carefully
To share my soul so you might see.

Each laugh each smile each tear I’ve cried
each door I’d opened, each path denied.
Become the words now trued and tried.
Like secrets two friends in dark confide.

The me I share is who I aspire
to project, to be, not fake or liar,
but we all fall short of who we are
life’s journey is so steep, so far.

But it’s no race its more a stroll.
A casual gate that takes no toll.
And legs can carry you on and on.
I’m 56 and will soon be gone.

The things I’ve amassed in life too few
to be called a fortune, I would not do
less for me today to save for when I die.
I squandered much and do not deny.

I’ve been to Greece, and stood upon.
a center of greek universe I’d found
and then I stood in north so high
where sunlight would not leave the sky.

I’ve wet my form in oceans two.
The other pair I’ve yet to do
And two seems to be the thing for me.
Two sons two wives Two lives it seems.

At 56 I’ve come so far.
that now I know not how we are.
The seven stages of the age of man…
at 56 I understand.

Infancy, schoolboy, and lover too.
My early years, and what I do.
The soldier came and I was there.
Not looking forward, I did not prepare.

Now I stand at the fifth bridge of life.
a justice now, with second wife.
my wisdom of life I willingly share…
for those who might read this and care.

Old age and incapacity,
are all that now lie awaiting me.
It’s a downhill slope from where I am.
At 56, I understand.

so give away is what I do.
Perhaps to make a difference for you.
my poems, my words, my lessons from life.
Celebrate my joys, avoid my strife.

Love longer than you think you can.
you were born with two, share an open hand.
Leave you neighborhood better each day.
So when you reach 56 you’ll say:

At 56 You’ll realize like me
Someday you’ll share my destiny
I’ll be gone and you will be here to claim.
The parts of me that now remain.