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Panic Button

Take a deep breath, now exhale, the world is still revolving
And if I reach my limits today, I know I’m still evolving.
So any barrier will bring no fear, it won’t keep me from my quest
Because tomorrow the way will surely clear, and I will do my best.

Take a deep breath, now exhale, the panic can subside,
For here I sit in my own chair, while my courage grows inside.
And although I’ve much more to do, I mustn’t ignore what I’ve done.
I know my feelings run deep and true, and I am only one.

Take a deep breath, now exhale, I feel much better now.
I can believe I’ll get through this, even though I don’t know how.
And should I stumble, I may bruise, but I will never break.
For I am strong and wise and real: not weak nor slow nor fake.

Take a deep breath, now exhale, life is again within my grasp.
Like a precious necklace on a chain, I just fasten the clasp.
I know that I can make the grade, just like any simple test.
The answer is the obvious one, exhale and take another breath.