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You might have dared to smile at me,
Even though my hair unkempt
Framed a smiling face unnoticed
In the obscurity I wept.

You might have dared to hold my hand and
not turned and faced away, you know.
As the world pointed you to cleaner hands
You might have dared but you let go.

You might have dared to use words of kindness
And refrain from words you’d spoken.
And ignored the future left to me
someone penniless and heartbroken

You might have dared so many things
You might have dared to help me show
So that as I faced a bitter world,
I’d know sweet friendship, But you let go

Now I’m wondering what’s all the fuss
with all the love you’ve got
I have never known a smiling face
You might have dared yet you did not.

And you find smiles everywhere you turn,
And so much love I could never know,
So I made life forged from loneliness
While you hid the smile and did not show.

You might have dared to choose today
But we both know you found me lacking…
Instead you chose a path that led away.
Walk that path now, you’ve sent me packing.

While I search to find a smiling face,
And you fight to preserve a world that cares
Don’t look for smiles from others because
There are simply too few who share….