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Northern Lights

A View of the World Through Thawing Ice

As unchanging and cold as a glacier in seas
As unsettling and dangerous as the icy wind’s freeze
As long and impenetrable as a long arctic night
That is how life seemed to be in this man’s frozen life

Yet the ice is now melting, and water is flowing
And the wind brings a warm air from the south while it’s blowing
And the dawn of tomorrow is filled with your light
Seems you’ve changed this man’s view, as you thaw all my ice.

I hear the songbird of spring, how alive is that sound!
And the snow is retreating; there is grass on the ground.
The sunshine grows stronger, flower fragrances smell nice
All around me is changing, you are thawing my ice.

Yet a bitter snow reminder of the cold yesterday
When my life turns to cold again, as you step away
And my limbs slow and frozen cannot reach out to you
As I am paralyzed in fear’s winter, knowing not what to do

Still the fragrance of you lingers, and the warmth in my heart
Burns the ice of my fears driving my arms widely apart
So that when you return, you are met with my soul
Once frozen and warming, to the touch still quite cool

Frozen is not the terrible place you might find
As the cold winds of life batter all hopes in your mind
And the warmth of human kindness is drawn out of your veins
Just a crystalline dream of love is all that remains

Yet as the song has once described it, love is just a seed
When the night has been lonely, it lies hidden seldom seen
Just remember, from the winter, far beneath crystal snow
and my seed, with your spring’s warmth in my life, begins to grow.