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Is it scary for you? Yes, sometimes it’s scary for me.
This test of our maturity
and yet so much anticipation fills my mind
tomorrow brings so much

When I’m thinking of things- it’s something to do
and eventually I will start to think of you
of the luck I must have for the chance we now find
tomorrow brings so much

what would you believe when we once lived apart
but all the time in my soul, in my dreams and my heart
and there is peace now where once was a war with my soul
tomorrow brings so much

and we know that love isn’t a recipe of add this and heat that
but a journey of souls, while we work and we chat
and a collision of worlds, and a whisper of hope
tomorrow brings so much

all the moments when I drive you to pull out your hair
and the next moment you notice just how you long for me to be there
and in neither occasion, do I once bat an eye
tomorrow brings so much

yet when the chips descend, and you feel there’s no one for you
when your life seems obscured, and you know not what to do
when you need just that hero, darling then I’m your guy
tomorrow brings so much

when the present is past and the future is today
when we’ve solved the worlds problems, or they’ve just gone away
and you ease back the throttle and just coast all the way in
tomorrow brings so much

when you find that life’s mysteries weren’t mysterious at all
the love that you sought was our love after all
and you didn’t notice when it began, but you know it won’t end
tomorrow brings so much

is it scary for you? yes, sometimes it’s scary for me
all this talk of love, romance, responsibility
but there’s nobody better to share it with, you are one of a kind
tomorrow brings so much