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a kunik

Ice is not the only thing you find under the snow
Blue crystal flowing energy from what your youth did sow
Buried under water, no feet can touch the land
But don’t freeze in dead of winter, I think we understand

Softest shapeless water, cannot hold its form
Spineless running liquid whenever it grows warm
But in the cold dark winter, distilled to diamond blue
A force that can move mountains, look what its done to you…

move that mountain, carve that canyon, repel that landslide snow
Move everything in front of you, see how the ice does grow
Chasing after fire, but the fire never burned
It gave no warmth to the glacier man, why have you never learned

Hermit Toker red hot poker don’t regret what you have done
You will never grow your glacier by sitting in the sun
To see stars with the naked eye, you must watch the sun go down
And marvel at the stars that shine when there is no moon around

your footprints were not the only path that led out in the snow
One with the snowfall, in the dark, you moved like an ice floe
Out of the light off the charts and yet the power grew
Rain fell, but did not reach and wash the soul so diamond blue

Six months of dark and cold, you drew power from the storms
And at the dawn you felt the light, but did not feel the warm
Surrounded by green and light and love, soul still the diamond blue
You survived what no one else could and have the glacier inside you.