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th_rosesNo Regrets

World and universe about a woman spinning
So much risk, man always winning
Soul’s elation while the air was thinning
No regrets

Unnamed trouble faceless whisper
Nightmare some nameless adversary kissed her
Fear of losing, how he’d wish her
No regrets

Clinging to a dream a vision
Cherishing all that he’d been given
No way to surrender all he’d been living
No regrets

Attempting talk with silent partner
Tried to hold her, somebody’s got her
What’s the price? Another bought her
No regrets

Scanning face for sorrow pain
Listening intently if she’d just explain
Please something happen, don’t refrain
No regrets

Ten years later, no more hoping
She is thriving he’s just coping
Feeling like a chump, a dopey
No regrets

All alone and peaceful laughter
Chased a dream, it followed after
Touched by love helped him get passed her
No regrets

Still so deep the sorrow goes
In dark heartspace what can grow
Tomorrow brings what tomorrow knows
No regrets

Syphoned off the best of what could be
Surrendered dreams so peacefully
He wanted her but it could never be
No regrets

Face the future without pardon
Reap what you’ve sown in your life’s garden
Imprisoned without a guard or warden
No regrets

What did her life represent
His arms reached out and off she went
No more chances, each one she’d spent
No regrets

And praying for a change of heart
She grew more resolve the more apart
They ended what they’d never start
No regrets

Two souls were siphoned from his own
And grew up in their mother’s home
And lived with her, dad’s all alone
No regrets

Wisdom shared but never lived
She’s taken what she could not give
Never to blame, always passive
No regrets

Two men grow up and face the day
That they must choose to move away
While other men can, they can’t and stay
No regrets

While other men know the path men take
It seemed their mother did forsake
To give them that chance, an unlucky break
No regrets

A father dies alone ironically
While momma smothers constantly
And this is for the best, you see
No regrets

Two men will never know the way
To independent life, today
At momma’s side, so there they stay
No regrets

A father’s funeral unattended
His heart was broken never mended
No card or flowers were ever sent him
No regrets

The lineage of one man lost forever
Into the heart of a woman who never
Wanted him. So quick to sever.
No regrets

A love so squandered on this earth
Still leading to two young men’s births
And that is what true love is worth
No regrets