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a moment

Don’t Forget The Moment

I don’t forget the moment when two young adults dared to say “I DO”
a moment like that is here and then it’s gone
I don’t forget the moment when we all felt so close to one another
a moment where we all had someplace to belong

I don’t forget the moment, when each son was born to me
the thrill at the miracle of life could fill a room
the blessing of Almighty God at two humble servants who
dared to stand in front of him as bride and groom

I don’t forget the moment, when we had to be apart,
when the second hand strolled along its merry way
when we promised one another we would make it all work out
and dumped our problems into the fixit box “someday.”

I don’t forget that moment when we knew its end had come
when we decided as a group that I should leave,
I don’t forget emotions got the best of us that day,
and that God and Love are still things in which we should believe,

I won’t forget the moment when we all struggled to comprehend,
when our love and efforts seemed to fade away
and we rooted through our mental notes and promises to self
and tried to find the fixit box “someday”.

So please don’t forget this moment as I stand before you now,
and tell you that our love will never truly die
for each son fills their parent’s hearts in a way we can’t explain
and we should hold our heads up high because we tried.

Please don’t forget this moment as I reassure you all
as a father you are the best sons I could ever dream to know
You’re responsible, you love your mom, and so independent of me
I only wish I were there to see you grow.

Please don’t forget this moment, don’t push this one aside
that fixit box “someday” gets lost much too fast
and if you have an “I love you” dangling on a hook
it’s time to pull that rod back now and cast.

Please don’t hesitate to hug your mom, or tell her how much you care,
I never hesitated to do so when I could.
Please don’t forget at thanksgiving to give thanks to God above
and don’t hesitate to always try to do good.

and sons, please don’t hesitate to reach out, if you need your Dad I’m there
don’t forget the moment we last hugged, know I love you so
You both mean all the world to me, and the world is a darned big place
and you’re in my heart wherever I may go.

No don’t forget this moment, that I’m reaching out to you,
with tears swelling in my eyes , the sadness shows.
You may live the rest of your life without knowing me, that’s sad,
but there is something that I think you both should know.

Don’t forget each moment when you all join hands and pray,
and you think of what you must be thankful for.
A father in a cold state is alone but loves you so.
And because of you he thanks God all the more.