a mystery

Life is Filled with Mystery

Life is filled with mystery, love and sadness, smiles, care
Each chapter is a gift to me, wondering what I may find there.
Imagine how well this chapter reads, with so many supportive friends.
It brings a tear of sorrow and joy, to know this chapter ends.

Like the finest written novel, the part of life had conflict and scares.
I’d faced challenges which I’ve beaten, because my friends stood by and cared.
A novice to an office , when someone offered me a chance
a world opened to me, where before I’d only caught a glance.

Some say that we make friendships which will survive the test of time.
I can’t be sure whether that’s true, but you are surely mine.
What does not survive or withers down to an infrequent smile or call.
You’ve all become a part of me, because I love you all.

You’ve all shown me ways to better myself, but loved me for who I am.
You’ve tempered me when I ran wild, but when defeated taught me I can.
You’ve listened to what I had to say, and spoke when my voice could not.
If riches are measured in lives I’d touched, then you’ve all given me quite a lot.

I’ll take your faith in me if you promise to take my faith in you.
As my path takes me along another way, you will take your journey too.
And part of me will follow, and wonder how you are doing along that way.
as part of you will follow me to ensure it’s all okay.

You’ve all given me a spark of hope to carry me towards tomorrow.
And when things don’t exactly go my way, that spark will burn off sorrow.
Yes this chapter is nearly over, and a new chapter will be written.
But I am so thankful on this page, for all my friends have given.