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a battle

The Battle Lost

The battle lost but must be fought
To stake the claim on what we’ve got
Which seems to me is quite a lot

Don’t know the spot we lost our way
But I’m apart from you today
and silence swallows what I try to say

My time is short and work so long
but the feeling we have gone so wrong
is growing in me and feels so strong

I’m sorry is not enough to cure
The uncertainty to make me sure
I don’t know what we’re sorry for

But I don’t wish to be alone my love
My heart is scratched, this life is rough
I don’t know how to make this soft

Were I to know the spell to fix
I would use all of those magic tricks
To lump all this consternation and nix

The battle fought to get past strife
This man needs you standing in his life
The smile you gave me as my wife….

My hand outstretched, my heart is too
And I leave the rest all up to you
And hoping we’ll like what we do

I don’t expect life soft and fine
Just that the life for me stays mine
And we will somehow find the time

Despite the claims of mine and yours
That we remember what we struggle for
A moment together or a little more

I wish I knew where a kiss should land
So you would know that I’m that man
Confused but wants to understand

The battle never fought my dear
But sorrow in my lonely tear
Will reveal this man’s greatest fear

Your tender touch, your soft warm smile
A pause when you might stay a while
The lady with such grace and style

The moment when your hand holds mine
Will fix this world and make all fine
And set the clock to cease all time