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Fishing pole

The fishing pole

The fishing pole stands in the corner
Awaiting the day to come
When his sons will have nothing to do and be bored
And a father can fish with his sons

The fishing pole was purchased
Money the dad had got
At the second or third job he worked at that day
It seemed that he worked a lot

The fishing pole is carefully placed
By the man who loves both of his sons
Awaiting the moment they’ll whisk him away
And go fishing and really have fun

The fishing pole is carefully dusted
And still it waits a while
Both sons have grown to be young men
Neither any longer is a child

The man has aged these 30 years
But still he waits for the day
He’ll grab that pole and both his sons
And fish the day away.

The fishing pole is not much use
It’s line broke long ago
A rusty hook hangs from it now
But the man will never know

You see he died the night before last
Most thought he was a fool
But the angel of death said on the way to heaven’s gate,
Sir please, don’t forget your pole