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Intimidate Me

You say some have found your beauty,
Too much for them to take
You say some have found your confidence,
Too bold, for heavens sake
You say some would want you wilted,
A flower soon to die
I say bring me all that thrills you
Intimidate this guy

You say some have found your talents
Too rich, and walk away
You say some have found your speech skills,
Leave nothing left to say
You say men are only looking for a quick
moment and they’re gone
You may find that I bring risk too.
A risk I’ll stay too long.

It’s the man, who offers little, who cannot stand in awe
It’s the one who stands on nothing, who refuses to stand tall
It’s the heart so barely beating that has no blood to share
And the one who never knew love, who has not learned to care.

If you fear your life too lonely, because all will walk away
And your heart, so warm and aching, hoped someone chose to stay
Look beside you, here I am love, and my feet are standing still
You have asked for one to love you, and it seems, I always will.