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gold cross
A Cross to Bear

Everyone must bear their cross, it’s a burden from above –
Some people bear a cross of shame, others a cross of love;
Some may bear a cross of work, while others a cross of play –
But everyone must bear their cross, and carry it every day.

So please know that this simple gift is given from the heart,
To remind you that a friend exists, even when we’re far apart.
If times are challenging to you, my friend, a golden cross is yours to wear,
So across the miles I can shoulder the weight of any cross that you might bear.

It’s just a simple necklace, a cross dangling from a golden chain.
But the thought is so rare it seems to me, I dare offer it again.
Fasten the clasp! Somehow, someway, if I am anywhere,
I’ll replace the cross that burdens you, with this golden cross to wear.

So let me take up yours and mine, and I’ll be on my way.
And pray a prayer to Him Above, for the friend you’ve made today.
For with two crosses I will tire, and may not go beyond tomorrow’s bend
So that when the burden is too much for me, I too shall find a friend.