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Cozy Tavern

At The Tall Tales

Amidst the Appalachians lies a quiet community,
where business travelers from around the world search for immunity.
Why would they travel far and wide to settle at this place?
The blackboards of their tired lives here are so easy to erase.

With briefcases and passports in hand, they converge in Mifflin County,
And weary from their travels they converge upon the peaceful bounty.
They may toast to all successes, but must ignore all that which fails,
Settle in and closer, my newfound friend, and hear about the tavern, Tall Tales.

Welcome stranger. Come on in!  Be seated at the bar.
Here, we’ve a place to rest a bit when traveling near or far.
Shake off the dust and quench your thirst, and prepare to shake our hand.
But before we do, I’ll share the rules to help you understand:

This is a hall of laughter and a place to make a friend.
It is a place to forget the day from hell that never ends.
It is a hallowed place to all who enjoy some conversation,
and a meeting place for those of us who need some inspiration.

On the very stool you’re seated at – once sat a man from Spain.
Who enjoyed our company so much, he swore he’d return again.
A man from Wales ate over there, right next to an Englishman.
Japan and France and Russia too, I can stop, just tell me when.

Yes this is a place where nations meet, and share a drink or two –
The very site you chose to stop.  How fortunate for you!
So in the spirit of honor, sir, and in best diplomacy.
I’ll offer to buy a drink for you, and you may buy one for me.

No drink should be shared in silence, so you must laugh loud and long.
We are forming pacts and treaties here.  Don’t judge our deeds as wrong.
The downcast look you have brought here must be checked at the door.
For smiles and fun and laughter are what we all came here for.

So now that you know the rules my friend, don’t hesitate to think
that when you cannot make it here, your friends will toast and drink:
“Even the finest of the porters and the choicest of the ales,
will taste a little sweeter when served with friends at the Tall Tales.”