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boss door

Behind The Boss’s Door

He once was that man, they called him boss,
Each corporate success was His personal loss,
long hours deadlines every day,
over time the walls got in his way.

While others picnicked, he filed reports,
and then questioned why his temper was short.
Yes he earned more, but from that pay.
Charities and obligations drained it away.

A question is posed with no response
Frustration occurs, and not just once,
The day ends but he stays instead,
Pondering how to feed thousands with 7 loaves of bread.

All roads to the future seem to cross,
Is it any wonder that he sometimes gets lost?
No matter which way he turns this stern
There is another lesson that goes unlearned.

A man at the end of the day sits alone…
And wonders if he will ever go home.
But he finds the exit instead of just sorrow,
Knowing the joy behind this door will await him tomorrow.