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On the crest of a north wind’s icy breath, we rushed through the wooden door.
We dared to warm our spirits in a place not visited before.
The warm air rushed to greet our forms, as we walked slowly and looked around,
A friendly melodic “Hello!” made us stop and turn towards the sound.

What greeted us were sea blue eyes and a smile stolen from the sky,
Teeth painted with the white from stars, and more starlight in her eyes.
Rosy cheeks au natural book-ended heart-shaped mouth,
She paused a moment as we hesitated and allowed us all to look about.

My eyes grew wide as reflexes honed attempting to absorb the image there,
The angelic form, the warm hello, long auburn flowing hair.
“Have you ever been here before?” her melodic voice chimed in.
“I’ll find you a quiet table where you four can drink and din.”

Mesmerized by the graceful gate, we followed to our destination,
She turned and warmly said “Thanks for coming here” with no pause or hesitation.
The four of us pondered desperately to arrive at some inspired quip.
Fates would not be kind to me this night as I blurted, “You’ve already earned your tip!”

She quickly served the four of us the drink to quench our thirst:
Savory malted lager brew, in speed we knew must be well rehearsed.
“Can I interest you in something else?” she smiled as she spoke.
The temptation to blurt something out was fierce as though magic had been invoked.

The conversation on this night lifted the burden from the day.
And soon our group was laughing loud from the workload that seemed like play.
Seconds became minutes and minutes grew to fun-filled hours too.
And thirsty malts and dialogue came in quantities none too few.

The time came for us to leave this place that warmed us to our souls,
And venture forth to return home in the darkness and the cold.
But we swore on our honor and our faith if ever again we would come this way.
To share a sip of heaven with an angel we know as Desire’.