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Poet soul

How Do You Trap A Poet’s Soul?

How do you trap a poet’s soul, do you place it in a cage?
Do you ambush it with emotion? Do you threaten it with rage?
Do you lock it in a room and throw away the key?
How do you trap a poet’s soul, and preserve it eternally?

First you give it the stars above, and point to turn their gaze.
Surround it with hope and lots of love, and games a child might play.
Give it sunsets by a lakeside, a cool refreshing wine,
Dare to fill the day with nothing, and enjoy each moment’s stroke of time.

How do you earn a poet’s heart? First give away all your love
And wait for the boomerang effect as you are cherished more than you dared dream of.
How do you earn a poet’s respect? Simply dare to stand beside.
When all else have deserted him and the remainder have simply lied.

How do you catch a poets dream? A dream is much too fast…
And dreams are merely simple thoughts: how long does one thought last?
Chase the dream with imagination, and follow where it goes.
If reality is a beautiful acorn, dreams are the beauty of the oak that grows.

How do you trap a poet’s soul? It’s simple: with a smile.
Enjoy his laughter and his tears, and stay with him all the while.
Like a magician performing the coup de grace’, there is nothing up a sleeve.
If you dare to share your heart and mind, the poet will never leave.