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We struggle to see things through others eyes
Content to see events through our own.
Decisions that are unpopular to us,
We simply then disown.

Support is something we needn’t give,
Just let us be in peace.
A world that only includes myself,
Why can’t questions from others cease?

One person makes decisions,
But many others think they could do more,
So one person stands alone against the storm
While others close their door.

And yet the friction over time,
Will wear down the coral reef
And waves crashing against the lone man’s door
Start splashing at their feet.

This coral reef has worn away
There is no more lagoon.
The next tropical storm that blows this way,
Will become a huge typhoon.

And yet the coral swept away,
Will find another shore,
And anchored in calmer waters there,
Will create a place secure.

Lagoon or riptide, who can say?
But to those who swim will see,
The coral reef brought to raging seas
A calm tranquility.