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Tomorrow is just another day, but somehow not for me.
It promises a dream for me to hold, and presents a fantasy.
Not just a paycheck not a title, not a parking space.
It’s simply the need to somehow fit in, to find the home for me someplace.

Tomorrow is just another day, but it marks a new beginning.
Where yesterday I lost my way, I pray I’ll now start winning.
And if in tomorrow I lose my place, I won’t fret, curse, or despair.
Because I have a path today, that will somehow take me there.

Tomorrow is just another day, but I don’t fear traveling alone
For where I rest my head at night is where I will call home.
And if alone is how I live, then I shall do so peacefully.
And enjoy the life that now remains, and my own company.

Yes tomorrow is just another day, and I a lonely man.
I will take the path that turns today, because I understand.
There are no arms to hold me here, no one to call my own.
Tomorrow is just another day, but I don’t fear traveling alone.

Tomorrow is just another day, I must prepare to take my journey.
Tomorrow the pace will slow a bit, I won’t be in a hurry.
I will take my time and pause and laugh and then be on my way.
Yes, tomorrow is a new rebirth, from the ashes of today.

Tomorrow my friends will turn away, and not see my salty tears
For losing even one of them is the greatest of my fears
And yet amidst their laughter I can be happy in the fact.
My sorrow brings them happiness. I can take solace in that.

Tomorrow is a passing time, how long will they recall?
That I was once considered one of them, before I endured this fall?
I am not much less than I was before, but to those who smiled at me
I am now just a passé vestige of thought, and no soul exists in me.

Tomorrow all that I have made, will vanish over time.
The hours spent to fix the world – just footprints in my rhymes.
And no one dares to recall how, when no solution seemed in sight.
A man sacrificed tomorrow so the rest could sleep at night.

Yes tomorrow is another day, but I have paid the price.
I’ve bet my tiring world and won a share of something nice.
Tomorrow I won’t feel the pain, even my memories cannot last.
And I will enjoy tomorrow’s warmth from the furnace of my past.

Tomorrow the seeds I’d planted will take sprout and grow to trees
And I will enjoy the shade there, and the refuge from the breeze
And love that I once dared to feel will grow in each of my two sons
So that I will be reminded constantly, of the image of me when young..

Tomorrow the questions will fade away, and the answers that remain
Will be a harvest of what I sowed myself. I have myself to blame.
For each door I opened in my life, I am now grateful I’d done so,
The rooms I saw while traveling past are now memories I know.

Tomorrow I will take a stand, and refuse to cross the line,
I’d lost so much in moving on, it’s time to claim what’s mine.
The soul mate who once waits for me, shall wait for me no more.
The fire I return with now burns enough to keeps aging hearts warm.

Tomorrow I surrender, and in doing so I win.
It’s not until I reach an end, that I can now begin.
And all the wisdom I had learned, of time with and without friends,
Will be riches in my bank of me, and pay me dividends.

Tomorrow is just another day, but somehow not for me.
It promises a dream for me to hold, and presents a fantasy.
In exposing every weakness I now know I can be strong,
And the home that I’ve returned to was within me all along.