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For every win there is a loss,
For every full – a void
For every sun a moon exists
For each “intrigued” – annoyed!

For each despair there is a hope
For each task there is relief
Because a friend dared lend a hand
To a discouraged heart – belief.

For each tear there is a smile,
For each sadness is a joy
For each woman and man that walk the earth,
There was once a girl and boy.

For each mature thought ever pondered,
There once was impulsive bliss.
The laughter of the playground now,
Is the sound that I most miss.

For a door to open one must close,
For a star to shine, the sun must set,
For one to reap the jackpot,
You must place a precious bet.

To move into the great unknown,
We must say goodbye to what we know,
As an acorn leaves it’s protective shell,
It’s the only way to grow.