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The Truest Nurse

We may not have been the patients for whom you cared yesterday,
But we can be the voice of thanks, when they had no power to say.

We may not have the power to give a bonus raise to the employee of the year,
But we can tell you that losing you is the greatest of our fears.

We may not have had the opportunity to have recognized what you do.
But the driving force, the care you give, is an essential part of you.

We have yet to see a flower bloom, but we believe in you so much,
That we are confident if one would wilt, you’d restore it with your E.T. touch.

We all may not pursue our degrees, but we need nothing on our wall
To enlighten us to the highest standards, it is simply your principal.

We may not all have tremendous problems, but with you here we know we’ll cope.
You are a Christmas present to us all. You give us the gift of Hope.