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Under sunshine on a carefree day, I walked along a grassy trail.
I had traversed this path while traveling about, and never had it failed.
The sun was warm and friendly as I whistled on my way,
Enjoying the sights and sounds and smells of a lovely sunny day.

In rounding a bend of the grassy route, my eyes beheld a sight,
The loveliest flower I’d ever seen, stood soaking up the light.
So tall and blue and sweet smelling too, I was amazed at what I’d found.
A miracle of beauty was growing up from the ground.

“I should pick this flower,” I decided. “It should be mine to hold.
I’ll take it home and water it, and keep it from night’s cold.
I’ll place it on my table where all my friends will see,
This miracle of nature will now belong to me.”

And in stepping towards the herbal gem, I saw how proud it stood.
This flower of the wilderness, it made me feel so good.
How could I keep it to myself, how could I dare possess
a blessing from the heavens? Am I the only traveler whose sight is to be blessed?

I paused a moment contemplating: Could I really truly deny
myself from the most gorgeous flower that had ever caught my eye?
The snow would soon be falling, and another fall would come and go.
Should I not cherish this nature’s treasure, the most precious I might know?

And yet, to pick this flower, I would change it’s very life.
Whether pulled out by it’s soft roots, or severed with a knife.
From the moment of possession, the flower would be gone,
To capture the life of loveliness, I could not deny would just be wrong.

And so I returned to walk my trail, and smiled at the thought.
And thanked God for the vision, one that can’t be bought.
For beneath the snow of winter will yield a new year’s flowery gem.
And with the warmth of a new spring will burst forth to greet me once again.