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I’m not the most knowledgeable — I don’t profess to be.
But when you have a question, feel free to come to me.
It may be that I’m not the quickest, in fact I’m rather slow.
But the hours I spend in this office means I’ve nowhere left to go.

It may be that there’s a better way, a means I’ve not been made aware.
But I’m open to suggestions, and I’m certainly one who cares.
It may be that you have more power, and it certainly may be as it should.
My power is in the people’s lives I touch, my hope is to do some good.

It may be that I’m misunderstood, heaven knows I’m so complex.
A simple question gets a simple answer, when was the last time that you checked?
It may be I’m too “Utopian”, and that I strive too high too long.
But in hopes to build a better world, is hope really all that wrong?

It may be that I am just a common man, your blood line yields better genes.
Perhaps you converse eloquently, while I’m more like a rebel teen.
It may be that you’ve got somewhere else to be, the world is waiting for you.
Me? I’ve got a stack of papers, another report to do.

It may be that my ship is late, or that it might never arrive,
But I focus on the beauty found in every day, I’m just glad that I’m alive.
It may be that I’m a poor man, but rather than hoard a small portion since my birth,
I enjoy the riches of the world, my bank account is the earth!

It may be that I’m not the most knowledgeable – I don’t profess to be.
But I’m learning the simple lessons in life to strive with all I have to be happy.
I’m not a standout in any field, but who feels they are anyway?
I’ve earned the smile on my face, I’ve given my all today.