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Pilotless Planet

A child of the sixties, a world of so much order
We grew up in responsibility, a burden soon to shoulder
We worked towards a single goal, placed one man on the moon
The race to space and in your face, but did we succeed too soon?

A youth growing in the seventies, a world became much smaller
The world economy broke down, deflating our precious dollar
The hopes of success and do your best was losing all its charm
Replaced by protests and disillusioned youth against our war in Vietnam

The eighties were not greaties but they restored some peace of mind
The great debate to love or hate was replaced by making time
Accumulate, don’t love don’t hate, and cyber everything
Tear down that wall and watch it fall, wondering what peace might bring?

The nineties not so fine, we watched oil take center stage
The fighting hating killing way we focused all our rage
And when too much was claimed by one in distant oil fields
We marched nations side by side to fight in the mission desert shield

At Y2K we lost our way, the fear of the coming year
A new millennium and with it, 1000 years of fear
We wrestled with the planet, and we spilled our neighbor’s blood
And made civilization advance no further in the mud.

In lost mean-spirited times, our human minds returned to simpler ways
World nations turn, miss, and reminisce the kinder simpler days
The frenzy seen of going green, so many doubling back
Nobody guessed we lost our best at the 911 attack

In the aftermath of what we lost, so much more to lose I say
We have no single purpose, now we all go about our way
Better to hate and rant and debate, than agree to coincide
The narrow focus of the world has now spread far and wide…

Where are you going Gaia sphere, what is your long term goal?
What peak will man scale in its next accomplishment, or have we lost our soul?
Will we mark time and pause awhile, before we are once more on our way?
Or will hate rule all, clap when we fall, and have nothing more to say?

This lady may have stumbled, but is that fall far off?
We fight amongst ourselves and more, we choose soft over the rough…
We are quick to pledge our sacrifice, as long as it has no pain.
And as a species have we reached a point of no more gain?

Nature abhors a vacuum, and a void is clear to see
We are spinning in circles now, absorbed in our tranquility
Among the common folk the cries, between damn you and damn it
The unspoken voiceless whisper in my mind, are we on a pilot-less planet?.