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when I think

When I think

When I think about the things in life
That scare me most of all…
It was never where I landed, it
Was the terror of the fall.

It was never the adult that I now am
It was the fear of growing old.
It was never the feeling of chilling winds
It was the fear of winter’s cold

It’s the fear of what we have to face,
And not what is really there
The thought that when we run our race,
That we’ve ended up nowhere.

But knowing life and the way friendship works
I have merely this to say.
Should fear be the horror that you face,
I will dig in my heels and stay.

So turn not to tomorrow’s fog
Absorb a smile today
For I am here and smiling
And I will not go away.

A sweeter place than a world with you
I daresay I’ll never know.
So don’t discount the power of Faith,
Or to what great lengths friends go.

Don’t fret the day, nor fear the night
Nor fear what fate says must be.
For darkness lets the starlight shine,
And I’ll be your friend eternally.