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Friend of mine forever, like roots into the earth,

Brings me this world virtues, fill me with self worth

Steadfast as a compass, through each of my life’s storms,

And inviting as a fireplace, where I can still grow warm


Gone away and back again, a voice so sugar sweet,

Contemplating all that might occur if we should ever meet

A doer smiler holder climber, yet room enough for two

Eyes that capture the depth of night when they gaze back at you


Like leaves upon the fallish breeze, she flitters to and fro,

And where she’ll rest her head at night, only random knows

Collector of the finest arts, the eye for what looks good,

But embossing every plaster wall, does not change you to wood.


Deceiver of irresistible force, the immovable object wins

Attractor of the married men, a chance to start again,

Self devoting every second , no matter what the cost,

But when the bill comes, I hope you can pay. Just see all that you’ve lost.

Denyer of the contribution, that any stone was cast,

From the moment I beheld you, I was sure that gaze would last,

For every kiss I gave you, you were waiting for the day,

That you could hold your truer love, so you pitched my soul away.


A ship passing close on a festive night, and just sails away,

But the smile was a golden one, I hoped that you might stay

So young naïve, confused and stressed, but no time for a pause,

Partying because you dislike your life, but that is the very cause.


Furnace maker, Men’s heart breaker, pure lover of life,

Is chasing you more thrilling than holding you as wife?

You build in me such courage, strength, enough to face each day.

But like a dream in waking morn, when I look you go away.


Full faith builder, hope shaper wielder, a devout prayer to Above

And belief in hope and finding that inside me still lie love

Pie baker maker of tomorrow, to watch me fly away

And though it broke your heart in two, your life still is in PA


A friend and more knocked on my door, not content to let life pass

And held me when I stood alone, and forced my hand to grasp

At hopes and dreams released it seems love found me after all

And in the dead of winter my heart answered loves “last call”

I’ve grown the home no more alone you emerged from every dream

And proved that your reality is worth far more it seems

Hazel eyes the light of skies the heavens pour forth from you.

and captivate me and bring me back to trust to love so true.

Dream sharing always caring self reliant mover shaker

Piercing gaze, I stand amazed, dramatic giver seldom taker.

Alyeska lover no one stands above her you still the waters of my soul.

and in that calm, the light shines on. I look forward to growing old.