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To Alaska

To Alaska seven years ago is where I planned to go,
despite the remoteness of the life, despite the ice and snow,
My world was grey and dull and I was looking for a change
the trip gave me the chance to do a rearrange.

As I flew across the azure skies, I saw the mountains white.
Despite the 70s I left that day, the snow lay deep and bright.
It paid no heed to temperatures, it simply was, that’s all.
The first time I met Alaska, old man winter placed a call.

My first months were alone there, but in Alaska everyone’s alone.
The temperature is a constant threat, and where you sleep is home.
Pay attention to your neighbor, if they need help it’s what you do.
and ask for no compensation, for the next time it could be you.

Share your banquet freely, let others taste you wares.
Life isn’t always even, give to others because you care.
Share warm clothes because it’s cold there, but you don’t need to share the sun.
It shines for nearly the entire day, enough for everyone.

I learned that life is precious there. I learned to just look up and smile.
The mountains stood in silent vigilance, while I rested there awhile.
I learned to smile at others and then I learned to lend a hand.
Surviving demanded I do so, if you were there you’d understand.

Still my nights grew cold and lonely, despite the shining of that sun.
I knew to complete the promise, I must risk finding “the one”.
I invited and I entertained, but not finding love would last.
I almost surrendered to a hermit’s life when i gave love one more cast.

She was stunning, a true beauty, and independant as much as me.
She convinced me she didn’t “need” me but she would share my company.
I was tongue tied, and dumbfounded. This lady was more than I could want.
But it was her humor and her kindness that made me call off my hunt.

Should I marry or shouldn’t I was a question of the day.
But if we didn’t tie a knot, would she get away?
That really didn’t matter, and that alone gave me fascination.
But I’m a provider and she needed that. So we did for financial obligation.

I have since then never looked back once, i found a way to trust again.
It was a single lady who undid all those women.
it was her ruby smile on a bright yellow day that colored my world once more.
And gave me reason to place my pen to poem,
and love her all the more.

Alaska will always be a part of me, the warmth within my soul
the laughter at the end of days, when my body slowly cools,
Alaska has been my rebirth, I have been born young again.
I lost my way, and though by chance, I am once more a man.