a mother's day

If I could Tell You

If I could tell you it all worked out,
would that make you smile?
I’m all grown up and moved away
survived life’s constant trials.

I’m older now, perhaps wiser too,
at least I’m sure I’m not as brash.
The bills are paid almost everyday.
Some days I’m even left with cash.

I enjoy conversation now,
The kind I would not make time for.
If you were here I’m sure we’d chat
In the ways I would not before.

it saddens me that all you’ve taught
I’ve finally grown to learn
but I would not listen to your lessons, Mom.
Knowledge like this I had to earn.

So now that I would have enjoyed that chat
You’ve gone to where I cannot follow.
Perhaps in time I’ll join you there.
I’ll look forward to that tomorrow.

But for now, I hope you hear this prayer,
Your sacrifices and tears came through.
I am all that you once hoped I’d be.
Happy Mothers Day. I love and miss you.