a christmas toast

Here’s to a group of dissimilar persons
A party of five unrelated
Who became an employee activity group
Whose success is a fact, undebated

In the spirit of Christmas, I think it’s only fair
To name each of the committee’s fine members
And to suggest oh dear santa a gift most befitting
To help us celebrate this event (and remember!!)

To the one in the corner, who is no longer with us,
And who left before saying farewell
We hope that the best for you lies in your future,
Because your present seems like you are going through hell

To the head of the table, the next name on our list
And the lady who never once lost her tact
Bring her a toy train for Christmas dear Santa,
Because this lady always kept us “on track”!

To the lady to my right, our new blushing bride,
Please give her a psychological eval and a jacket that never needs fitted
Because at the end of our year as a well functioning group,
She entered the institution of marriage, proving she’s committed!

To the adminstrator and the group organizer,
Dear Santa, please pack the biggest list of questions on Prancer,
Because no matter what faced us, no matter what the question
She always seemed to come up with an answer.

And for me, Santa Clause?  I’m still just a shy fellow who
feels so humble working around talent like this
So in the near future, send me a new group of friends,
So when this group disbands I won’t miss

Yes, Here’s to a group of dissimilar persons
But in the span of a year, it seems to me
What started out as an employee activity group
Has ended up becoming my family.

Thank you all!