Phone is ringing, deadlines due
Boss is looking for you know who
heart is pounding, pressure’s on,
the workday is only 24 hours long,

grab a quick bite, shove it in
meeting room’s full and let’s begin
we’re way behind, vacation no.
Now lets get going, come on let’s go!

A thousand tasks were done today,
ten thousand more stand in my way.
This pressure changes those around me,
smiling faces now snarl and hound me.

How do I make it, walk outside.
the mountains overshadow this guy
An Eagle soaring above and then
I feel tranquility return again.

The office seems to be the same.
deadlines and tasks drive us all insane
But when I need serenity
Alaskan Mountains tower over me.

Tomorrow the phone rings off the hook
and coworkers will all give me that look.
But smiling I’ll arrive once more.
Because Alaska is outside my door.