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That Day Never Came

Emailed my son the other day, wondering how was life
Did he meet a gorgeous lady yet and was she now his wife?
But the moment was so poorly timed, he asked me to refrain.
He’ll get back to me when he has free time but that day never came.

Amidst the gorgeous sunsets and the mountains tall and proud
I share a lakeside log home with my wife… far from the bustling crowds
it’s so beautiful and magical here, I think my children might feel the same
So I invited them to visit me, but that day never came.

There were many reasons given, and they all make perfect sense
I hear that time is oh so precious and many come to their defense.
I would like to make some memories before the life I love is gone,
But I’m not exactly a priority, I fear that day might never come.

If you have someone who’s special, if you have someone you adore.
Or even if that someone is a person you should see a little more.
Don’t delay until tomorrow, grab a cab, a bus, a plane.
Don’t be thinking about the things that might have been because that day never came.