a handshake

Neighborly Thing To Do

Fear on both sides, love on none,
Each side blames the other one.
Fear drives us all to abandon our souls.
and leaves us defenseless powerless fools.

Enact a law! They cry aloud…
more laws will serve to temper that crowd.
But more laws only serve to empower those..
Who laugh and shop for white house clothes.

Let’s Tweet! they cry and iphones armed,
they tweet to cause the others harm
a video game of hate gone amok
no sanity in place to shout “ENOUGH!”

To podiums and cameras figures ascend.
Each to share the plan to make this end.
Enact a law! they cry aloud
to make free thinking unallowed.

For every truth, 100 lies,
to seize our hope, they must disguise
all the options as hidden paths,
So we will relinquish the power at last.

This lack of our responsibility
To force all others to subject to me
To fix my sorrow and ignore their pain
wash rinse repeat again and again.

To equalize we segregate
to make more love in this world: HATE!
to find honest answers we vote in worst liars
to sooth our burns, we ignite more fires.

The end of our democracy, evolves into plutocracy,
And those we support are worse, you see.
Laws don’t apply to those elite.
We are losing ground, trampled under their feet.

Put down the guns, release your hate.
The secret lies in true debate.
Until we respect ourselves, they never will.
and leave us the bottom of the hill.

Enact a Law! will never cure…
the challenges whose end we’re searching for.
The media feeds it, government too.
The leash they have fastened to you.

I stand alone, you can join me now.
I admit solving this I know not how.
But with each who joins me, wisdom grows,
It won’t be long before we know.

The elite just drive us all apart.
To keep us all from becoming smart.
Once we are joined, they cannot rule.
A people unified, one flock, one school.

We truly do not need them to do what’s right.
We can share and care by day and night.
True power lies upon those we exalt.
Care for your neighbor and ignore their faults.

Repeating errors locks us in,
Support corruption, we’ll never win.
The evil lies on both sides now.
The want all power, they don’t care how.

It’s time to rise, it’s time for love.
To become what they are frightened of.
A people who do not fear in this land
the elite with power can never understand.

They’ve taken media, justice, government too.
But the elites cannot take me nor you.
We must surrender for them to claim.
Our basic freedoms in our name.

I stand alone, I have no fight.
But here I can tell wrong from right.
Perhaps if you join me you can too.
It’s the loving neighborly thing to do.