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56 Reasons To Live

At 56 I realized
Someday I won’t be alive
and with no thoughts within my brain
No part of me will even remain

And so the words I write must be
the essence that is part of me
so I must write so carefully
To share my soul so you might see.

Each laugh each smile each tear I’ve cried
each door I’d opened, each path denied.
Become the words now trued and tried.
Like secrets two friends in dark confide.

The me I share is who I aspire
to project, to be, not fake or liar,
but we all fall short of who we are
life’s journey is so steep, so far.

But it’s no race its more a stroll.
A casual gate that takes no toll.
And legs can carry you on and on.
I’m 56 and will soon be gone.

The things I’ve amassed in life too few
to be called a fortune, I would not do
less for me today to save for when I die.
I squandered much and do not deny.

I’ve been to Greece, and stood upon.
a center of greek universe I’d found
and then I stood in north so high
where sunlight would not leave the sky.

I’ve wet my form in oceans two.
The other pair I’ve yet to do
And two seems to be the thing for me.
Two sons two wives Two lives it seems.

At 56 I’ve come so far.
that now I know not how we are.
The seven stages of the age of man…
at 56 I understand.

Infancy, schoolboy, and lover too.
My early years, and what I do.
The soldier came and I was there.
Not looking forward, I did not prepare.

Now I stand at the fifth bridge of life.
a justice now, with second wife.
my wisdom of life I willingly share…
for those who might read this and care.

Old age and incapacity,
are all that now lie awaiting me.
It’s a downhill slope from where I am.
At 56, I understand.

so give away is what I do.
Perhaps to make a difference for you.
my poems, my words, my lessons from life.
Celebrate my joys, avoid my strife.

Love longer than you think you can.
you were born with two, share an open hand.
Leave you neighborhood better each day.
So when you reach 56 you’ll say:

At 56 You’ll realize like me
Someday you’ll share my destiny
I’ll be gone and you will be here to claim.
The parts of me that now remain.