For the dreams you’ve returned, for my dark places you’ve lit,
For our journey’s begun and resolutions not quit,
For rabbits out of hats and for a passionate kiss,
five years spent together, with someone I can’t resist.

For the muse to my writing, to the song in my heart.
took me 50 years to find you, too long to be apart.
for the future to come, and the laughter we share
for reminding me love will always be there.

For a world you are improving, for the kindness you show,
For the stories you tell, and the sweet charity you know.
For the one who gives so much in all that you do.
I’m the one who will gladly, try to give it all back to you.

For the times I let you down, I will get up again.
I will keep trying til we solve it, though sometimes I have no idea when,
It’s the struggle that makes this worthwhile don’t you see?
At the crest of the mountain. There is you, and there’s me.

For the times we’re exhausted, and we fall into sleep.
For the night filled with closeness and the peace oh so deep.
For that smile each morning as the coffee is brewing.
You have things right on track, keep on doing what you’re doing!

From the man who loves praises, to the woman of action.
Please accept this poem as a gift, to your day’s satisfaction.
Finding someone so special is so rare and unique.
But you make it seem easy, it’s your special technique.