boss door


Justification occurs when you choose what you do,
Rationalization because you have selected a fool.
Believing a liar will give honesty someday.
and walk toward the abhorrent, and embrace the decay.

Defining yourself as the anti of that,
which you fought to abolish, where’s the logic of that?
In a conflict, the rules are all we have left to display.
you walk toward the abhorrent and embrace the decay.

We’ve heard plenty who admit they fear what the other might do.
While staying blind to the fact that its what their own did so too
It’s a two way road with a one way sign.
I can criticize yours, but don’t criticize mine.

And so we march forward on the path of destruction.
We say we seek truth, but we’re it’s largest obstruction.
We forgive those who say they will do what we ask.
But they have not told the truth, no matter what the task.

You have the right to elect who you will,
At the end of the day we will all take the spill.
You can dictate the terms, you can reset the rules,
you can follow so blindly, but we are not all fools.

I want to be governed, you want to be ruled.
I want to debate, and you want to be told.
I want to have my say, you’d rather I’m quiet.
I want to be equal, you want to deny it.

It’s the history of this time that we are rewriting each day.
By the ones we elect to restate what we say.
Freedom is being sold for a vote and a queen.
We should have waited until we had one not so mean.