Descend The Alcan

There’s  a road seldom traveled, a trail long ignored.
A way to get from here to there which never leaves you bored.
It’s a road to ascend to the North lands, or descend to the 48.
It’s the Blessed treacherous Alcan, and its lore became my fate.

If you ever want to test resolve, that’s just what this road can do.
For when something goes wrong my friend, the fix is up to you.
There is no convenient stores or shops to find treasures along the way
It’s just a test of survival if you dare to go this way.

The Alaska Highway is a winding stretch of road over hill and dale,
1486 miles to be exact, if you don’t watch it you can fail.
From Alaska, to Yukon, to British Columbia, the highway does not end.
And when you get to Alaska, turn around and go again.

From Delta Junction to Dawson Creek, the road goes on and on
Don’t search for radio music playing, there are none to sing along.
Don’t travel it at breakneck speed, if you do you missed the point.
Take your time and see the sights, they will never disappoint.

The monument at the starting point of the Alaska Highway

Pick up the road you’re heading north, to where the angels fly.
You’ll see them in the starry night when the northern lights fill the sky
Pack your lunch your clothes your tools and all you need to drive with care.
You’ll be glad you did if you need on your way to get you there.