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Busy signal

It would only take a moment
Of your time, dear sons of mine.
To pick up that phone and tell your dad
Hello Dad, I am fine.

But you always seem too busy,
And sometimes you’re just not there.
Your mother says you’ve got no time
My fears say you just don’t care.

It may be I’m not forgiven and
The history you’ve read
Left me wanting for most virtues,
Hell, your grandma even wants me dead.

But it would only take a moment
Of your time, dear sons of mine.
To pick up the phone and tell your father
Hello Dad, I am fine.

Yes the days grow out of hours, and the months grow out of days
And I listen for that phone to ring, and I practice what I’ll say.
But your mother makes excuses, you have friends and “after schools”
And I’m punished in this silence though I’ve not broken a rule.

It would only take a moment
For me to share the doctor’s news
That I’m dying of this cancer, and there’s nothing he can do.
And that seems to be contagious, nothing I try works as well
Hope the phone works up in heaven, there’s so much I have to tell.

It would only have taken one moment
But you had none left to spare for me
Seems it all went to your mom and friends
Or you didn’t want to spend time with me.

Yes after all the excuses, I am gone and you are here
I’m in heaven in His Presence and I’m given to His Care.
And there was so much left to tell you, but I never got that chance.
No matter how many can’s I sent to you, seems you always found one more I can’ts.