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As my father has taught me, I would like to pass on some of the rules to follow as a man that will earn you respect, loyalty, and happiness. Happy Father’s Day!

I. Anger, sadness, fear and humility are private moments. Keep them private.

II. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

III. Stand by your friends.

IV. Love should be the first and last emotion of your day.

V. It’s okay to sit on the end of a log when you don’t know the way.

VI. God comes first. Always. Everytime.

VII. Learn to trust. Learn to trust yourself first.

VIII. Dare to achieve, but accept failure as the shadow to success.

IX. Don’t try to “earn” love or friendships. Be true to yourself and love and friendships will find you.

X. Fairness applies to ALL persons, not just to the persons you do like or do not like.

XI. Do not delight in the misfortunes of others. Sympathize in their loss.

XII. Do not show contempt at the fortunes of others. Celebrate their joy.

XIII. Share from your surplus. But when you see someone in need, share from what you have.

XIV. Help the downtrodden, it may be you someday.

XV. Pray at all occasions, but pray just to talk to God.

XVI. You are responsible for your happiness. You owe it to yourself to do things that you will enjoy

XVII. You are responsible for your sadness. Do not hold it back nor hold it in. Find a private place, experience the sadness for the moment. Then move on.

XVIII. The one who loves you will turn to you for strength. The greatest strength is admitting fear and then doing it anyways.

XIX. Don’t fear passion, express it.

XX. Hope, courage, joy, and leadership are public moments. Share with your
friends and colleagues.

XXI. Save the most tender moments for the most tender moments.

XXII. Accept that you do not know everything, be willing to learn something new each day.

XXIII. With age comes wisdom. To wisdom is due respect. Respect your elders is an honor of their wisdom. Use it. Their experience was paid for as preciously as your own.

XXIV. Don’t wait until tomorrow. If you think of something that needs done or said do it today! Fill your day with everything you can think of until you are exhausted. Then smile at all you have accomplished.

XXV. Never make a promise lightly. Your word is the most valuable asset. Guard it as though it is.