56 Reasons To Live


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56 Reasons To Live

At 56 I realized
Someday I won’t be alive
and with no thoughts within my brain
No part of me will even remain

And so the words I write must be
the essence that is part of me
so I must write so carefully
To share my soul so you might see.

Each laugh each smile each tear I’ve cried
each door I’d opened, each path denied.
Become the words now trued and tried.
Like secrets two friends in dark confide.

The me I share is who I aspire
to project, to be, not fake or liar,
but we all fall short of who we are
life’s journey is so steep, so far.

But it’s no race its more a stroll.
A casual gate that takes no toll.
And legs can carry you on and on.
I’m 56 and will soon be gone.

The things I’ve amassed in life too few
to be called a fortune, I would not do
less for me today to save for when I die.
I squandered much and do not deny.

I’ve been to Greece, and stood upon.
a center of greek universe I’d found
and then I stood in north so high
where sunlight would not leave the sky.

I’ve wet my form in oceans two.
The other pair I’ve yet to do
And two seems to be the thing for me.
Two sons two wives Two lives it seems.

At 56 I’ve come so far.
that now I know not how we are.
The seven stages of the age of man…
at 56 I understand.

Infancy, schoolboy, and lover too.
My early years, and what I do.
The soldier came and I was there.
Not looking forward, I did not prepare.

Now I stand at the fifth bridge of life.
a justice now, with second wife.
my wisdom of life I willingly share…
for those who might read this and care.

Old age and incapacity,
are all that now lie awaiting me.
It’s a downhill slope from where I am.
At 56, I understand.

so give away is what I do.
Perhaps to make a difference for you.
my poems, my words, my lessons from life.
Celebrate my joys, avoid my strife.

Love longer than you think you can.
you were born with two, share an open hand.
Leave you neighborhood better each day.
So when you reach 56 you’ll say:

At 56 You’ll realize like me
Someday you’ll share my destiny
I’ll be gone and you will be here to claim.
The parts of me that now remain.

Neighborly Thing To Do

a handshake

Neighborly Thing To Do

Fear on both sides, love on none,
Each side blames the other one.
Fear drives us all to abandon our souls.
and leaves us defenseless powerless fools.

Enact a law! They cry aloud…
more laws will serve to temper that crowd.
But more laws only serve to empower those..
Who laugh and shop for white house clothes.

Let’s Tweet! they cry and iphones armed,
they tweet to cause the others harm
a video game of hate gone amok
no sanity in place to shout “ENOUGH!”

To podiums and cameras figures ascend.
Each to share the plan to make this end.
Enact a law! they cry aloud
to make free thinking unallowed.

For every truth, 100 lies,
to seize our hope, they must disguise
all the options as hidden paths,
So we will relinquish the power at last.

This lack of our responsibility
To force all others to subject to me
To fix my sorrow and ignore their pain
wash rinse repeat again and again.

To equalize we segregate
to make more love in this world: HATE!
to find honest answers we vote in worst liars
to sooth our burns, we ignite more fires.

The end of our democracy, evolves into plutocracy,
And those we support are worse, you see.
Laws don’t apply to those elite.
We are losing ground, trampled under their feet.

Put down the guns, release your hate.
The secret lies in true debate.
Until we respect ourselves, they never will.
and leave us the bottom of the hill.

Enact a Law! will never cure…
the challenges whose end we’re searching for.
The media feeds it, government too.
The leash they have fastened to you.

I stand alone, you can join me now.
I admit solving this I know not how.
But with each who joins me, wisdom grows,
It won’t be long before we know.

The elite just drive us all apart.
To keep us all from becoming smart.
Once we are joined, they cannot rule.
A people unified, one flock, one school.

We truly do not need them to do what’s right.
We can share and care by day and night.
True power lies upon those we exalt.
Care for your neighbor and ignore their faults.

Repeating errors locks us in,
Support corruption, we’ll never win.
The evil lies on both sides now.
The want all power, they don’t care how.

It’s time to rise, it’s time for love.
To become what they are frightened of.
A people who do not fear in this land
the elite with power can never understand.

They’ve taken media, justice, government too.
But the elites cannot take me nor you.
We must surrender for them to claim.
Our basic freedoms in our name.

I stand alone, I have no fight.
But here I can tell wrong from right.
Perhaps if you join me you can too.
It’s the loving neighborly thing to do.


That Day Never Came


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That Day Never Came

Emailed my son the other day, wondering how was life
Did he meet a gorgeous lady yet and was she now his wife?
But the moment was so poorly timed, he asked me to refrain.
He’ll get back to me when he has free time but that day never came.

Amidst the gorgeous sunsets and the mountains tall and proud
I share a lakeside log home with my wife… far from the bustling crowds
it’s so beautiful and magical here, I think my children might feel the same
So I invited them to visit me, but that day never came.

There were many reasons given, and they all make perfect sense
I hear that time is oh so precious and many come to their defense.
I would like to make some memories before the life I love is gone,
But I’m not exactly a priority, I fear that day might never come.

If you have someone who’s special, if you have someone you adore.
Or even if that someone is a person you should see a little more.
Don’t delay until tomorrow, grab a cab, a bus, a plane.
Don’t be thinking about the things that might have been because that day never came.

If You Stay Away




If you stay away

If you stay away, you’ll never leave,
It’s simply something I cannot believe
As long as you are far away
My heart says you’re coming home to stay.

If you never board that flight for home,
I will never feel so quite alone,
As when you say “goodbye, I’m gone”
If you never board that flight for home.

If you never come back home to me,
your won’t see my faults so easily,
and slice my soul with eyes that don’t see
that your hurtful claims are killing me.

If you stay away and enjoy the time
I’ll have my peace and enjoy mine
and pretend that everything’s still fine
If you stay away and enjoy the time.

If you extend your trip a little more,
perhaps you’ll forget who you left me for,
and you’ll want to walk back through that door,
if you extend your trip a little more.

If you stay away, but you’re coming back
to confirm all the things you think I lack
And to tell me you want so much more
that’s what your coming back to me for.

And words texted oh so tenderly,
become words spoken so angrily,
and things you say and where you go
tell me less than what I thought I’d know.

Eventually you’ll say goodbye,
Without a tear inside I’ll cry
and feel the romantic me inside just die,
Eventually you’ll say goodbye.

If you stay away, you’ll never leave,
It’s simply something I can’t believe
As long as you stay far away
My romantic me lives another day.


Alaska Is Outside My Door


Phone is ringing, deadlines due
Boss is looking for you know who
heart is pounding, pressure’s on,
the workday is only 24 hours long,

grab a quick bite, shove it in
meeting room’s full and let’s begin
we’re way behind, vacation no.
Now lets get going, come on let’s go!

A thousand tasks were done today,
ten thousand more stand in my way.
This pressure changes those around me,
smiling faces now snarl and hound me.

How do I make it, walk outside.
the mountains overshadow this guy
An Eagle soaring above and then
I feel tranquility return again.

The office seems to be the same.
deadlines and tasks drive us all insane
But when I need serenity
Alaskan Mountains tower over me.

Tomorrow the phone rings off the hook
and coworkers will all give me that look.
But smiling I’ll arrive once more.
Because Alaska is outside my door.

Employee Christmas Party Toast

a christmas toast

Here’s to a group of dissimilar persons
A party of five unrelated
Who became an employee activity group
Whose success is a fact, undebated

In the spirit of Christmas, I think it’s only fair
To name each of the committee’s fine members
And to suggest oh dear santa a gift most befitting
To help us celebrate this event (and remember!!)

To the one in the corner, who is no longer with us,
And who left before saying farewell
We hope that the best for you lies in your future,
Because your present seems like you are going through hell

To the head of the table, the next name on our list
And the lady who never once lost her tact
Bring her a toy train for Christmas dear Santa,
Because this lady always kept us “on track”!

To the lady to my right, our new blushing bride,
Please give her a psychological eval and a jacket that never needs fitted
Because at the end of our year as a well functioning group,
She entered the institution of marriage, proving she’s committed!

To the adminstrator and the group organizer,
Dear Santa, please pack the biggest list of questions on Prancer,
Because no matter what faced us, no matter what the question
She always seemed to come up with an answer.

And for me, Santa Clause?  I’m still just a shy fellow who
feels so humble working around talent like this
So in the near future, send me a new group of friends,
So when this group disbands I won’t miss

Yes, Here’s to a group of dissimilar persons
But in the span of a year, it seems to me
What started out as an employee activity group
Has ended up becoming my family.

Thank you all!

If I could tell you – a Mother’s day poem.



a mother's day

If I could Tell You

If I could tell you it all worked out,
would that make you smile?
I’m all grown up and moved away
survived life’s constant trials.

I’m older now, perhaps wiser too,
at least I’m sure I’m not as brash.
The bills are paid almost everyday.
Some days I’m even left with cash.

I enjoy conversation now,
The kind I would not make time for.
If you were here I’m sure we’d chat
In the ways I would not before.

it saddens me that all you’ve taught
I’ve finally grown to learn
but I would not listen to your lessons, Mom.
Knowledge like this I had to earn.

So now that I would have enjoyed that chat
You’ve gone to where I cannot follow.
Perhaps in time I’ll join you there.
I’ll look forward to that tomorrow.

But for now, I hope you hear this prayer,
Your sacrifices and tears came through.
I am all that you once hoped I’d be.
Happy Mothers Day. I love and miss you.

True Friends


a lonely couple

When your dialogue becomes monologue
and your outstretched arms stay empty
When you notice that your table feeds just one
while others are seating plenty

When you run towards the ones you love
but they run away from you much faster
Don’t despair when you’ve been true to you.
Your happiness you must master.

When you find treasures of this world,
but no one to share them with,
embrace the solitude that you have found
And resolve to maintain bliss.

Friends are those who seek you out
when all others stand aside…
So keep your smile on your face
and your arms outstretched wide.

Don’t despair, around the bend,
Your friends wait there for you
Those who make the time to share your life
are those who love is tested true.

To Alaska


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To Alaska

To Alaska seven years ago is where I planned to go,
despite the remoteness of the life, despite the ice and snow,
My world was grey and dull and I was looking for a change
the trip gave me the chance to do a rearrange.

As I flew across the azure skies, I saw the mountains white.
Despite the 70s I left that day, the snow lay deep and bright.
It paid no heed to temperatures, it simply was, that’s all.
The first time I met Alaska, old man winter placed a call.

My first months were alone there, but in Alaska everyone’s alone.
The temperature is a constant threat, and where you sleep is home.
Pay attention to your neighbor, if they need help it’s what you do.
and ask for no compensation, for the next time it could be you.

Share your banquet freely, let others taste you wares.
Life isn’t always even, give to others because you care.
Share warm clothes because it’s cold there, but you don’t need to share the sun.
It shines for nearly the entire day, enough for everyone.

I learned that life is precious there. I learned to just look up and smile.
The mountains stood in silent vigilance, while I rested there awhile.
I learned to smile at others and then I learned to lend a hand.
Surviving demanded I do so, if you were there you’d understand.

Still my nights grew cold and lonely, despite the shining of that sun.
I knew to complete the promise, I must risk finding “the one”.
I invited and I entertained, but not finding love would last.
I almost surrendered to a hermit’s life when i gave love one more cast.

She was stunning, a true beauty, and independant as much as me.
She convinced me she didn’t “need” me but she would share my company.
I was tongue tied, and dumbfounded. This lady was more than I could want.
But it was her humor and her kindness that made me call off my hunt.

Should I marry or shouldn’t I was a question of the day.
But if we didn’t tie a knot, would she get away?
That really didn’t matter, and that alone gave me fascination.
But I’m a provider and she needed that. So we did for financial obligation.

I have since then never looked back once, i found a way to trust again.
It was a single lady who undid all those women.
it was her ruby smile on a bright yellow day that colored my world once more.
And gave me reason to place my pen to poem,
and love her all the more.

Alaska will always be a part of me, the warmth within my soul
the laughter at the end of days, when my body slowly cools,
Alaska has been my rebirth, I have been born young again.
I lost my way, and though by chance, I am once more a man.



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Friend of mine forever, like roots into the earth,

Brings me this world virtues, fill me with self worth

Steadfast as a compass, through each of my life’s storms,

And inviting as a fireplace, where I can still grow warm


Gone away and back again, a voice so sugar sweet,

Contemplating all that might occur if we should ever meet

A doer smiler holder climber, yet room enough for two

Eyes that capture the depth of night when they gaze back at you


Like leaves upon the fallish breeze, she flitters to and fro,

And where she’ll rest her head at night, only random knows

Collector of the finest arts, the eye for what looks good,

But embossing every plaster wall, does not change you to wood.


Deceiver of irresistible force, the immovable object wins

Attractor of the married men, a chance to start again,

Self devoting every second , no matter what the cost,

But when the bill comes, I hope you can pay. Just see all that you’ve lost.

Denyer of the contribution, that any stone was cast,

From the moment I beheld you, I was sure that gaze would last,

For every kiss I gave you, you were waiting for the day,

That you could hold your truer love, so you pitched my soul away.


A ship passing close on a festive night, and just sails away,

But the smile was a golden one, I hoped that you might stay

So young naïve, confused and stressed, but no time for a pause,

Partying because you dislike your life, but that is the very cause.


Furnace maker, Men’s heart breaker, pure lover of life,

Is chasing you more thrilling than holding you as wife?

You build in me such courage, strength, enough to face each day.

But like a dream in waking morn, when I look you go away.


Full faith builder, hope shaper wielder, a devout prayer to Above

And belief in hope and finding that inside me still lie love

Pie baker maker of tomorrow, to watch me fly away

And though it broke your heart in two, your life still is in PA


A friend and more knocked on my door, not content to let life pass

And held me when I stood alone, and forced my hand to grasp

At hopes and dreams released it seems love found me after all

And in the dead of winter my heart answered loves “last call”

I’ve grown the home no more alone you emerged from every dream

And proved that your reality is worth far more it seems

Hazel eyes the light of skies the heavens pour forth from you.

and captivate me and bring me back to trust to love so true.

Dream sharing always caring self reliant mover shaker

Piercing gaze, I stand amazed, dramatic giver seldom taker.

Alyeska lover no one stands above her you still the waters of my soul.

and in that calm, the light shines on. I look forward to growing old.